Criminal Law

Criminal Law

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Criminal Justice is the most important area of legal action, due to the gravity of its consequences. The criminal proceedings against the accused are an unbearable burden, which should be entrusted to a lawyer with experience and training. Our basic principle is that every criminal trial must be conducted in a fair process, regardless of the gravity of the accusation and that is our permanent pursuit.

We provide dual legal protection. On the one hand, we provide the necessary judicial protection to defend the rights of the accused, by offering comprehensive defense. On the other hand, we handle each case with utmost diligence, actively participating in the judicial struggle.

Frequent Questions

Only in case of felony. Our advice, however, is timeless. Excluding the typical trials, in all other cases, it is a huge risk for a party, to participate in a hearing without lawyer’s support, as the lawyer’s function is irreplaceable.

A fair trial is defined in the Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights. This Article describes the necessary guarantees for respecting the rights of the accused. Non-compliance with the guarantees of fair trial, raises issues of nullity of the criminal proceedings, which are controlled by the Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights.

The flagrante delicto procedure is the process, provided by Criminal Procedure Code in case of arrest either simultaneously or in 48 hours at the latest, according to the time of arrest.