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about us

We are an organized law firm with full infrastructure in all areas of law. Our panhellenic network of associates allows us to undertake counseling and legal protection throughout Greece and there is a contact address in Athens. We deal with the legal affairs of our assignors with seriousness, responsibility, professionalism, giving the best possible solution.

The core principle of Chris Papoutsis’ Law Office is to develop relations of reciprocal trust between the advocate and his assignor, in view to the client’s direct enlightenment on his legal rights and obligations.Such purposes are essentially served by sincere case analysis to the assignor and by the responsibility in supplying legal advisory services.

At the core of our co-operation with our assignors lies high technology, as a basis for effective coordination and the provision of online remote services.


Our constant effort is to combine law practice with legal advisory services,so that advocates are able to provide high level services adjusted to the challenges of every legal case.

The ultimate goal of Chris Papoutsis’ Law Office is to provide attentive legal services to each assignor who honors us with his trust.

The challenge for all of us is the constant improvement of the legal services, with a compass setting the importance of lawyer's function in the conscience of citizens.