Business Law

Business Law

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Especially today, businesses are confronted with a number of problems, whether commercial disputes or problems of alignment with business law. We have complete sense and knowledge of the legal issues of businesses, and we stand next to them either at the judicial or the consultative level.

At the same time, services focus on securing e-commerce by complying with the provisions of e-Commerce legislation and the corresponding intellectual property.

Frequent Questions

Every company can be protected from unfair competition on many levels. One option is timely branding. Alternatively, a company can prove in court the unfair actions of a competing company and demand both the cessation of operations and the lost profits.

The company should focus on prevention and, especially, on careful legal analysis of the concerning issues at an advisory level. In the event of a state sanction, the judicial treatment is one-way street.

Due to the nature of e-commerce and European developments, national and European legislation is applicable, which should also be taken into consideration when creating a professional website.