Public Law

Public Law

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Citizens’ problems with Administration are, unfortunately, a common phenomenon, as they are subject to sanctions regardless of their fault. Additionally, business often faces bureaucratic obstacles, which sometimes require preventive planning and sometimes require appeal to the Court. Regularly, the Council of State appears to be a refuge for the citizens, especially in cases of unconstitutional laws. Major issues are also created, concerning the implementation of public procurement undertaken by businesses.

Frequent Questions

Above all, it depends on the lawyer’s diligence who will be responsible for supervising the preparation of the whole file. In fact, the factors determining the compatibility of the corporate offer with the tender notice are, on the one hand, the careful evaluation of the tender notice and all the accompanying documents, and, on the other hand, the prompt use of the case law of the Council of State for the prevention of issues often arising in the assignment of projects.

Yes, under conditions, as it should be investigated whether the data of the company file has been properly assessed, based on the criteria of the tender notice and the relevant legislation.

Yes, because even the administration has to respect the legal status, and as a result the citizen is being protected from illegal acts and omissions.